Kafé Naka Detox Ground Coffee Organic Honduras Arabica in Metal Tin - 250g

  • Detox Ground Coffee from Honduras
  • Certified organic and fairtrade
  • 250g: approx 35 cups
  • Anti-oxidant properties
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Enjoy this tasty organic & fair trade ground coffee from Honduras. As healthy for the body as for the planet, this tasty drink is 100% Arabica. It contains green coffee extract which preserves the natural antioxidant properties of the green coffee bean.
Packaging: 1 box of 250g

Main Characteristics

Intensite  Strong coffee
Appellation   Blend (Honduras)
Variete 100% Arabica 
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   France


Kafé Naka - Detox Ground Coffee, Organic Honduras Arabica

Try this 100% Arabica Detox ground coffee, it is certified Organic.

Honduras Organic coffee offers an intense cup with a full body. At first, it reveals woody aromas with notes of hazelnut and cocoa. Then you will finish with fruity and floral notes lulled by tropical fruit aromas.  

Thanks to its packaging in a metal box, you can use it indefinitely.

To refill it, nothing could be simpler, the brand offers you 250 grams bags, find them directly on our MaxiCoffee website!

This coffee is compatible with your Italian coffee machine, piston coffee machine, electric coffee machine and household percolator. 

Tips for this detox ground coffee

To prepare your drink, nothing could be simpler and faster

Use 7g/cup of ground coffee on your coffee maker.

Organic farming

Max Havelaar / Ecocert certified

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Moccaccino Détox Bio - KAFE NAKA

Kafé Naka

Kafé Naka

Kafé Naka relies on more than 50 years of know-how and innovates by offering you a coffee with real virtues. Thanks to a subtle blend of green coffee extract and roasted coffee, the anti-oxidant properties are preserved in the roasted coffee. Experience a whole new coffee experience, designed above all for the well-being of the body and the environment.

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