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Destination 'Stretto' organic coffee pods for Senseo x36

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Brand :    Destination
  • Arabica & Robusta blend
  • Organic coffee
  • 36 Senseo-compatible pods

Destination 'Stretto' coffee pods for Senseo machines. A blend of organic Arabica and Robusta for a strong coffee with unique aromas. 36 Senseo-compatible pods.

Organic coffee
For several years, more and more producers from Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and some African countries have been converting to organic farming.
As the natural balance is restored, the chemicals are no longer useful. Organic farming is mostly reserved for Arabica coffees. Their growing places are naturally better preserved.
Arabica coming from Africa (Ethiopia) require soils rich in minerals and an altitude higher than 600m. This species produces coffee cherries of very good quality with an elongated shape. The higher the coffee is grown, the finer the aromas. And less chemicals are needed as there are no parasites.
These organic green beans are sold for around 40% more than others.
For the past 5 years, the range of Arabica coffees has expanded to offer a great diversity of pure origin coffees with fine aromas. These different varieties and coffee terroirs have allowed coffee roasters to create beautiful blends.
Traceability guaranteed
The Destination brand is completely transparent about the origins and processes regarding their organic coffee pods for Senseo. To do this, Destination fulfills a certain number of criteria:
Physical control of coffee plantations by international organisations
Collection and biochemical analysis of green coffee beans
The identification and traceability of the land by the cup (international batch number and import authorization)
Accounting for accurate production so each batch is identifiable from the supply to the consumer.


Destination - sharing their Girondine expertise. For 10 years, their traditional roasting methods have been producing a large choice of organic and freshly roasted coffees, most are Fair Trade certified. Also discover a large selection of teas and powdered chocolates from the best territories, imported via short food supply chains and already gracing some of France's finest tables.Destination has become the market leader for organic products in France.

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Les Petits Torréfacteurs Discovery pack 1: Flavoured coffee pods for Senseo (7 x 18)
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