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Le Piantagioni Del Caffè Water Decaf Coffee Beans - 500g

Brand :    Le Piantagioni Del Caffè
  • 100% Arabica Blend
  • Coffee beans from Brazil
  • Roasted in Italy
  • Swiss Water Process
  • Perfect for Espresso
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These decaffeinated coffee beans from the Italian brand Le Piantagioni Del Caffè are a 100% Arabica from the Cerrado Mineiro region, a renowned coffee growing area in Brazil. Decaffeinated with water using the Swiss Water process, this Italian coffee is smooth and delicate, with no unpleasant bitter taste. Ideal for espresso. Packaging: 500 g

Main Characteristics of LE PIANTAGIONI DEL CAFFE Water Decaf Coffee Beans:

Intensite Balanced coffee
Appellation  Blend
Variete  100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction    Italy

Le Piantagioni del Caffè Water Decaf Coffee Beans

LE PIANTAGIONI DEL CAFFE Water Decaf Coffee beans

This Water Decaf coffee is part of the "Specialty People Blends" range. These are products for your everyday life, a solution to your growing desire for a unique, fun experience that is different from what is available today. If you feel curious and want to start approaching coffee differently, then this is where you start the best experience, by becoming a Specialty People.

These decaffeinated coffee beans are 100% Arabica, aromatic, smooth and delicate at the same time. No unpleasant aftertaste remains, unlike other decaffeination processes.

This coffee can be enjoyed as an espresso: 7 to 10 g for one dose with a medium fine grind between flour and cornmeal sizewise.

This Water Decaf coffee has been, as the name suggests, decaffeinated with water in accordance with the Swiss Water Process. This process is environmentally friendly, works without chemicals and removes 99% of the caffeine from the coffee beans.

The principle is simple: the beans are exposed to steam, soaked in water, filtered with charcoal and then dried in ovens.

Italian coffee beans, LE PIANTAGIONI DEL CAFFE

Italian coffee beans, LE PIANTAGIONI DEL CAFFE

Piantagioni Del Caffè is a family business that has passed through four generations since it was founded in 1994. The Italian company has succeeded in making its mark by being a true pioneer in meeting small producers and introducing the notion of "origin" for speciality coffees.

It has also made a name for itself by wanting to make speciality coffee more accessible with a less strict, more fun approach. Indeed, its 'Specialty People Blends' range is colourful, playful and easy to understand for coffee enthusiasts and novices alike.  All its coffees are produced from original coffees and sometimes combined to create unique blends, so you get transparency and quality in your cup.

To ensure a quality tasting experience with its entire coffee range, the brand has implemented a protocol to analyse and score the specialty coffee obtained after roasting. The goal of the brand is to offer coffee that is suitable for Specialty Coffee by creating a dedicated state-of-the-art software. This is by no means a universal protocol, but given the lack of an espresso protocol, it is a way for the brand to ensure its quality.

Le Piantagioni Del Caffè

Le Piantagioni Del Caffè

Piantagioni Del Caffè is a well-known Italian brand, especially for its specialty coffee with impeccable traceability. With its plantation coffees, this Italian roaster offers coffee that is accessible, fun with a kick for everyday life and that is able to satisfy coffee epicureans looking for a differentiating coffee experience.

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