Charles Liegeois Discret Deca Decaffeinated coffee pods for Senseo machines: A mild caffeine-free coffee. 100% Arabica. 1 pack of 18 Senseo-compatible pods. 

Main Characteristics of Senseo Pods Charles Liegeois Discret Deca Coffee x 18

Intensite Mild Coffee
Appellation Blend 
Variete Arabica/Robusta
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction  Belgium


Senseo Decaf Coffee Pods Discret Deca - Charles Liegeois

Discret, yes, but there’s more ... an intense aroma, with a wealth of flavours and emotions. A sensitive balance between the bite of a strong coffee and the mildness of a cream coffee. Enjoy a decaf coffee with all the flavours of a great cup of coffee!

Charles Liegeois Discret Deca in Senseo-Compatible Pods

18 pods for coffee machines using soft pods (Senseo type). This subtle blend will win you over cup after cup.
These pods are specially adapted for coffee capsule machines. These universal soft pods are compatible with Senseo® coffee makers and all espresso machines (which accept soft pods). The coffee is packaged in a heat-sealed pouch.

Charles Liégeois Roastery is one of the largest Belgian coffee roasters. A recognition that has been forged over generations since 1955, around strong values that they transmit as generously as possible with their coffee.

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Charles Liegeois

Charles Liegeois

Charles Liegeois Roastery is one of the largest Belgian coffee roasters. Torréfacteur visionnaire, il a transmis son savoir-faire à ses fils qui perpétuent aujourd’hui la tradition familiale avec le même enthousiasme. After more than half a century of existence, Charles Liegeois has established himself as a Master Roastery on an international scale, without losing the love of the product that characterises the work of the craftsman.