Bodum Chambord French Press Stainless Steel - 8 cups

  • 8 Cups Capasity (1L)
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Dishwasher-safe
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This Bodum® CHAMBORD French Press coffee maker has a capacity for 8 cups (1L). Bodum exclusive infusion system. Borosilicate glass jug and stainless steel surround. Dishwasher-safe. 


Main Caracteristics Bodum French Press

contenance 100 cl
Matiere Glass / Stainless Steel / ABS
Marque Bodum
Capacite 8 cups
CompatibiliteStainless Steel Mesh
Lavage Dishwasher Friendly


Bodum Pavina glasses have a rounded shape for enjoying quality coffee. With their double wall, they keep your coffee hotter for longer.

cafetière piston caffettiera
Often copied but never equaled, the Chambord piston coffee maker offers you conviviality and the pleasure of tasting, during a coffee break that is always welcome.

BODUM'S EXCLUSIVE BREWING SYSTEM: Widely acclaimed by coffee roasters around the world, the plunger coffee maker allows you to brew your coffee in an ideal way to bring out all the subtleties and aromas of the coffee. 

THE ORIGINAL BODUM PISTON COFFEE MAKER: With its timeless design created in the 1950s, the Bodum Chambord is still the best-selling piston coffee maker. Both ergonomic and functional. 

EASY TO CLEAN: The Bodum Chambord coffee maker is also dishwasher safe. 

The piston coffee maker is super practical: No filter, no pod, just your ground coffee and hot water! Ideal for restoring all the subtleties and aromas of coffee. Use a thicker grind than the filter grind, for optimal quality.

Ebook cafetière italienne

Free coffee maker guide with your order

Here at Maxicoffee we know that the coffee maker is not everything. The most important thing is to make good coffee. That's why Anthony, our coffee maker expert, is here to guide you. 

He has written a guide to the coffee maker. The right method, tips and tricks, how to choose your coffee according to your tastes, gourmet recipes... He has condensed his years of passion and experience into this regularly updated guide. Be proud of your coffee. (Sent in Ebook format by mail after your order).


How to use your piston coffee maker?

1. Place the coffee maker on a dry, flat, non-slip surface. Remove the plunger from the glass. For each cup, add one teaspoon of ground coffee (about 7.5g).

2. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the coffee maker. For each cup, add 90 ml of water and stir. For safety, use a plastic or wooden spoon.

3. Place the plunger element at the top of the coffee maker to conserve heat. Do not press the plunger down. Let the coffee brew for about 4 minutes.

4. Slowly press the plunger, which should not show any resistance. Taste it.





Bodum is a family business, founded in Copenhagen by Peter Bodum in 1944. The founder's concept: to develop functional and quality products at an affordable price. Bodum products are sold in 55 countries around the world.
Since 1974, Bodum has produced more than 100 million French Press coffee makers and 30 million teapots.

Bodum Chambord French Press Stainless Steel - 8 cups
Colours Stainless steel
Diameter 10.5 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 141 x 107 x 230 mm
Jug material Glass
Capacity 8 cup(s)
Capacity 100 cl
Dominant colour(s) Grey/Silver
Specificities Regular
Cleaning Dishwasher safe
Plunger type Stainless steel mesh
EAN : 727015100043
BODUM Spare glass beaker no spout for 8-cup French Press coffee maker
  • 1 litre (8 cup) spare glass beaker (without pouring spout) for Bodum double-wall French Press coffee maker.
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Pylano Cali French Press for 8 cups (1L) + 2 double wall glasses
  • Pylano French Press + 2 Glasses
  • 1L Capacity
  • Zero Contact with Plastic
  • Unique Double Filtration System
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Spare Glass Beaker for Bodum French Press - 3 cups
  • Spare Bodum Glass
  • French Press 3 cups/ 35cl
  • Borosilicate Glass - Heat Resistant
  • ø 6,8 cm, h 13 cm
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Bodum Classic Kenya French Press coffee maker - 500ml
  • Capacity: 500ml (4 cups)
  • By Bodum
  • Strong borosilicate glass jug
  • Black ABS plastic frame
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