Bialetti Elegance stainless steel milk jug. 500ml capacity. Designed by Bialetti for Latte Art. 

This Bialetti milk jug has a round shape and a pointed spout to facilitate the preparation of milk froth.
This milk jug is 100% stainless steel.


The popular brand Bialetti began in Italy. In 1933, Bialetti released its first Moka Pot. Thanks to that product, Bialetti has become among the most known brands in the world. Thanks to the high standard of their products and by combining their advanced technology and style, they manufacture kitchen utensils which are easy to use, functional and simply beautiful : simply gorgeous.

Bialetti Elegance stainless steel milk jug - 500ml
Capacity 50 cl
Material Stainless steel
Type of spout Pointed
Type of handle Open
Height 125 mm
EAN : 8006363017367