Aromandise Organic Ceremonial Matcha - 30g

  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Certified Organic
  • From Japan
  • 30g Powder Matcha Tea
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This Matcha Premium tea is an intense and rich flavoured tasting tea. It promises a feeling of fullness and physical and intellectual energy. It comes in a powdered form in a 30g metal box.

Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea - 30g


High Quality Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea

This ceremonial matcha tea is a concentrate of energy and intense pleasure. Made of soft green powder, it has an intense, creamy chlorophyll, herbaceous and delicate flavour.

Made exclusively with Gyokuro quality first flush Tencha Spring leaves, this drink contains all the virtues of a superior quality tea.

Japanese Organic Teas are an invitation to travel to the rising sun, a feat of unparalleled flavours and scents. Discover the traditions of Uji while staying at home.

Advice from our Maxicoffee experts: Ceremonial Matcha is best enjoyed with the right equipment: a Chawan ceremonial bowl, a Chasen whisk and a Chashaku Matcha spoon.
Aromandise Organic Ceremonial Matcha - 30g
Features Biodegradable
EAN : 3560467100141
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