Airscape glazed ceramic storage container in black with stylish bamboo lid. Ideal to store your coffee or any other dry food. Patented inner lid with vacuum seal system that forces the air out to keep the content fresh. 100% airtight. BPA-free. Capacity: 1.9 L / 500g.


Coffee Storage Container - Ceramic Black - 500g - Airscape


Airscape Canister Glazed Ceramic in Black - 500g

Store Half a Kilo in Your Glazed Ceramic Airscape!

Preserve all the flavours of your coffee, beans or ground, with this Airscape storage container. With its large 1.9L capacity, you can store the equivalent of around 500g of coffee in this Airscape storage container.
The 100% airtight inner lid allows you to vent the air. This improves the preservation of your food. The bamboo outer lid adds elegant style.

Made from quality glazed ceramic with a glazed paint finish. The advantage of ceramic is that it prevents any transfer of odours with your preserved food, as well as limiting temperature changes in the container that can accelerate coffee rancidity. Ideal for coffee, tea, sugar, cereals, etc.

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Planetary Design

Planetary Design

Discover Airscape® by Planetary Design: the best coffee & dry goods storage from the USA.

Airscape Coffee Storage Canister Black Ceramic - 500g
Diameter 130 mm
Dominant colour(s) Black
Material Ceramic
Capacity 500 g
Capacity 1.9 L
Airtight capacity 100% leak proof
Specificities Airtight
Size (x H) x 185
EAN : 645771006815