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Tassimo pods Colombus Coffee Latte x 8 servings T-Discs

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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
  • Flavours : Speculoos
  • Lenght : extra long
  • Pack of 16 Tassimo pods for 8 servings
  • Compatible with all Tassimo machines

Discover the Tassimo pods Colombus Latte de l'Ours for your Tassimo machine. A famous latte drink with a generous speculoos taste with a touch of honey, this latte is ideal for the most gourmet of us!

This box contains 16 Tassimo pods for 8 servings.

Main characteristics of this coffee

A gourmet recipe:

Concocted by baristas, this café latte is as delicious as generous. The latte de l’Ours coffee by Colombus Café & Co meets the expectations of Coffee-Shop lovers with flavours of speculoos and a touch of honey.


Associating two worlds:

These pods are born from the association of two worlds: the world of roasting and the world of Coffee Shop. The French chain of Coffee Shop Columbus Café & Co has teamed up with a roaster to create this range of Tassimo pods. The duo is successful :-)

The idea is to bring the universe of Coffee Shops at home.

It is successful with these pods! Columbus Café & Co creates exclusive gourmet recipes!


Discover the whole range of Columbus Café & Co Tassimo T-discs on MaxiCoffee.

Columbus Café & Co

Established in all four corners of France for over 20 years, the Columbus Café & Co French coffee shop chain delights in satisfying the most distinguished of taste buds with hot drinks made by their expert baristas.

Live this coffee shop experience in your own home with Nespresso compatible capsules, Dolce Gusto pods and Columbus Café & Co-branded coffee beans. Bringing new and gourmet flavours directly to your kitchen.

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