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Tassimo Milka pods are the perfect way for chocolate lovers to indulge their favourite drink at home.
Tassimo Milka pods provide a perfectly balanced, smooth and creamy hot drink. Their unique formula, based on milk and chocolate, makes for a delicious and tasty drink that will delight the taste buds of even the most demanding gourmets. Its smooth, creamy texture is rich in flavour, complemented by a balanced chocolate taste. Its unique recipe, with no colourings or preservatives, makes for a healthy, tasty drink. Enjoy delicious chocolate moments with Tassimo Milka! See also all our Tassimo pods .

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Tassimo Pods Milka Hot Chocolate x 40 T-Discs
  • 5 x 8s Tassimo pods
  • Tasty hot chocolate
  • Milka chocolate for Tassimo machines
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Tassimo Pods Milka Hot Chocolate x 8 T-Discs
  • 8 Tassimo pods
  • Tasty hot chocolate
  • Milka chocolate for Tassimo machines
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Tassimo Milka pod: the unique taste of the famous chocolate brand

The Tassimo Milka collaboration

The collaboration between Tassimo and Milka offers a unique new flavour experience. The coffee and cocoa pods offer a smooth, creamy flavour and a creamy froth thanks to a blend of milk and Milka chocolate. The pods are easy to use and produce a perfect drink every time. What's more, they're economical and deliver a rich, delicious flavour.

How do I make Milka hot chocolate by Tassimo?

Preparing a delicious Tassimo Milka chocolate is very simple. The first step is to place a Milka Tassimo chocolate capsule in the machine. The capsule contains dark and milk chocolate powder, which is mixed with hot water to produce a warm, creamy drink.

Preparation time is very short, and the drink is ready in seconds. The Tassimo Milka capsule is also enriched with vitamins and minerals for a healthier cup of chocolate. You can personalise your drink with sweeteners and dairy products for an even more delicious taste.

Why choose a Milka Tassimo pod?

Milka Tassimo in bulk

Tassimo Milka pods are an excellent solution for those looking for a hot, creamy drink. Available in bulk packs, they offer a wide variety of flavours with a rich, intense taste. The capsules are easy to use and ready in an instant, making them the ideal choice for breakfasts or quick coffee breaks.

Products are gluten-free and lactose-free, making them perfect for anyone who wants to drink hot beverages without compromising their health.

Last but not least, their low bulk price makes them very affordable.