Try Sage's The Descaler, the perfect descaler to protect your appliances! Descaler for the Barista Express BES870UK, Dual Boiler BES920UK, the Oracle™ BES980UK and Sage kettles. 4 Packs of 4 sachets.

4 Packs Sage descalers for espresso machine and kettle

Regular descaling of your Sage appliances is necessary to ensure their life span. Indeed, with each cycle, scale films will be deposited on the heating system and pipes. If maintenance is not carried out regularly, the scale can clog the pipes and cause premature wear of your machine.

Carrying out this maintenance will therefore not alter the taste of your drink and will preserve all its flavours. This pack will also save you money!

Descaler compatible with the following Sage espresso machines:

  • Barista Express™ BES875, Dual Boiler™ SES920,
  • The Duo-Temp™ Pro SES810, the Tea Maker™ STM800
  • Sage Kettles


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