The ROK Espresso GC is dedicated to espresso or ristretto lovers. For a coffee with a real aromatic strength and body to rival the best Italian bars. All you need is freshly ground coffee and a little elbow grease to push the arms down. A stylish, easy to use espresso maker! Special offer : buy your ROK EspressoGC from MaxiCoffee and get 250g Cafés Lugat coffee beans for free !  

The ROK Espresso GC model, an upgraded version of the legendary original Rok Espresso coffee maker

ROK is a British company.
With the ROK Espresso, you can make a real espresso without capsules/pods or electricity (although you still need to heat the water before). It is eco-friendly, practical and very stylish!
You will rediscover the taste of a good espresso ! 
What's more? The ROK EspressoGC is totally silent. It means you can prepare and enjoy your coffee at any time of the day or night !!!) .
ROK Espresso works the same way as a traditional percolator. Simply fill the filter basket (the diameter of the filter is graduated: 49 mm for 1 cup, 51 mm for 2 cups) with the ground coffee of your choice. Then pour hot water and add pressure. You will get the necessary pressure by simply pushing the arms of the machine down.
The ROK Espresso excels in the making of ristretto (3/4 cl), it is its big strength!
NOTE: you will need a good coffee grinder to obtain the best results from your ROK Espresso. 
The grind should be a fine espresso grind. If it is too coarse, the water will go through too quickly and you won't be able to create enough pressure. If the grind is too fine, the density may create a "wall"  that will prevent the water from passing through.

The ROK espresso GC and its accessories

- A chromed brass portafilter
- 1 filter basket with an extra spout for 2 cups
- 1 measuring spoon and a tamper (in ABS)
Get your ROK EspressoGC from MaxiCoffee and get 250g Cafés Lugat coffee beans & 2 double-wall espresso glasses for free !   


ROK has developed a unique model in the world of the espresso. Operated manually, with no need for electricity, this brand has succeeded in reviving the ristretto coffee.

ROK Espresso GC Manual Espresso Maker - Black + Free Coffee
Compatible with Freshly ground coffee
Advised grinder Espresso grinder advised
Body material Aluminium
Dominant colour(s) Black
Size (W x Dx H) 220 x 130 x 290 mm
Weight 1.8 Kg
Portafilter supplied Stainless steel - 1 spouts
Diameter of extraction group 50 mm
Water tank capacity 0.5 Litre(s)
Type of heater None (manual)
Type of group Brass
Type of filters supplied Simple filter 2 cups
Steam wand quality No wand
EAN : 5060309230374