Passalacqua Amabile coffee beans - 1kg

  • 1Kg coffee beans
  • 65% Arabica/35% Robusta
  • Italian roast following Neapolitan tradition
  • Tasty notes (Ideal for milky coffee drinks)
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More about Passalacqua coffee beans :

The Amabile coffee from Passalacqua is a unique blend based on 35% Robusta and 65% Arabica. This whole-bean coffee has the typical taste of a true Italian coffee! It is packaged in 1kg bags.

Key Facts

  • Variety
    Arabica & Robusta
  • Designation
  • Roasting

Roast Type - Very Dark

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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Aromatic group -  Woody

Dominant note
Rich & Sweet
Secondary note
Rich & Sweet
Tasting notes :
  • Cocoa
  • Walnut
  • Cedar
N.B.: This is not a flavored coffee but notes noted during tasting
Red Berries Fermented Spices Woody Herb-like Floral Rich & sweet Citrus
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Aromatic Groups

Traditional Coffee -  Classic 

Score < 80

Traditional Coffee : These are the most widespread coffees in the various distribution channels in France, both private and professional.

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Classic Coffee :  There is generally a lack of information about the traceability of these coffees. They are often mass-market products and are easily accessible. The composition of these coffees can vary from 100% Arabica to over 20% Robusta.

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With Amabile coffee beans from Passalacqua, discover an Italian coffee with a low percentage of Robusta (35%) so you still get a nice crema!
Amabile coffee is a beans of 8 different beans with 65% Arabica and 35% Robusta. This blend brings a unique tasty flavour to your coffee!
Amabile is a delicious coffee, perfect for making an espresso, a cappuccino or a latte macchiato!
You will discover slight notes of chocolate and Macadamia nuts!
Passalacqua produces traditional Neapolitan-roasted coffee. 


Café Passalacqua has been producing traditional Neapolitan-roasted coffee since 1948.

To satisfy the eclectic tastes of its customer base, Passalacqua manufactures a range of different blends, bringing the aroma and flavours of Neapolitan coffee to every cup.

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