Number N°2 Organic Ground Coffee Red Coffee 100% Arabica - 1kg

  • 100% organic Arabica (Peru/Colombia)
  • Notes of caramel and chocolate
  • French roast
  • 1Kg
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Number 2 (formerly Red Coffee) is a 100% organic Arabica ground coffee with gourmet flavours (caramel, chocolate) specially designed for your espresso machine. After numerous tests, our experts have developed the Number range for you: 4 coffees with unique tastes. Packaging: 1kg.

Main characteristics

Intensite Balanced coffee
Appellation   Blend
Variete 100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
Roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   France
cafe bio   Certified organic


A custom blend created by our coffee experts:

After extensive testing, our experts have selected the most suitable coffees for your espresso machine.
Number 2 (Red Coffee) is a blend of Arabica coffee beans from Peru and Colombia, both organically grown.
Choosing a Number coffee means you can be sure of getting a perfect espresso from your machine.
THE MESSAGE FROM OUR EXPERTS: "Initially created for CoffeeShops, we have decided to offer Number 2 to as many people as possible! This true Best Seller, gourmet and full-bodied, will allow you to make a smooth and generous espresso. To your machines!"


The Number range of coffees was created and designed by a team of experts from MaxiCoffee, bringing together coffee experts, SCA coffee judges, artisan coffee roasters and baristas.

Their aim was to produce a coffee of impeccable quality for you to enjoy.

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Freshness Guaranteed
Freshness Guaranteed
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La Grange 'Le Cinq' (Blend N°5) organic coffee beans - 200g
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