FELLOW - Monty Milk Art Cup Matte Black - 190ml


FELLOW Monty Milk Art Cup - 190ml

Picasso Your Pour With This Sleek Ceramic Cup

Drinking a delicious, creamy cappuccino is synonymous with a good time, but you can make it even better. Serve your milky drink in this cappuccino cup from Fellow.

This modern-looking cup is made from double wall ceramic. It's high quality, so you won't get burnt by your drink.  Their shape even allows you to stack them (whatever the capacity) to save space in your cupboards.

Its sides and shape are ideal for creating a pretty latte art with your milk foam, and serving a professional cappuccino just like in your favourite cafe.

The 19 cl capacity is ideal for a long drink such as a cappuccino, long coffee or hot chocolate. There are also espresso cups in the same collection. There's something for every coffee lover!

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Fellow is a young American company, based in San Francisco. They joined the world of coffee with the intention of rejuvenating the sector by manufacturing an innovative, stylish, functional and efficient product range. They have also created products ideal for teas.

Fellow Monty Milk Art Cup Matte Black - 190ml
Capacity Multiple sizes
Features Double wall
Washing Dishwasher
Compatible Dishwasher
EAN : 852212007380