Monbana Hot Chocolate Powder 4 Stars - 1kg

  • 32% cocoa content
  • Hot chocolate powder with milk
  • For around 40 drinks
  • 1kg bag
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Enjoy a delicious hot drink with this Monbana 4-star hot chocolate powder. 32% cocoa content and a real milk taste. Just add hot water! 1kg bag.

 Hot Chocolate Powder 4 Stars 1kg - Monbana

Monbana 4-star Intense "real milk taste" instant hot chocolate powder: for a tasty balanced drink with at least 32% of cocoa!

How to make your drink?
Put 22 to 25 g of powder in your mug
Add boiling water
Stir quickly
Your drink is ready!
Founded in 1934 by Louis Guattari, Monbana is a human-sized industrial and commercial enterprise. A true family affair, Monbana owes its success to the innovation and quality of its products.
1kg = 35 to 40 drinks (200ml)

Ingredients: Chocolate powder 59.4% (sugar, cocoa 32%) powdered milk powder 38.5%




Monbana is a family business which has been operating since 1934.

Over three generations, the company has been able to grow and develop while maintaining their spirit of "craftsmanship".

Thanks to its two production sites in France and its own plantations, Monbana showcases its love for chocolate through its drinks, cakes and chocolate bars.

Monbana Hot Chocolate Powder 4 Stars - 1kg
Type of chocolate Milk chocolate, Milky (mix with water)
Capacity 1000 g
Packaging By 1
Energy Kcal 383 Kcal
Energy kJ 1602 kJ
Fat 7 g
of which saturates 4.3 g
Carbohydrates 62 g
of which sugars 60 g
Protein 17 g
Salt 0.91 g
EAN : 3474341200684
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