LELIT stainless steel water tray grate for PL41

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Give your LELIT PL41 a fresh new look with this stainless steel water tray grate.

Compatible with all Lelit PL41 models: PL41 EM , PL41 E , PL41 TEM .

Length: 21.3 cm

Depth: 13.3 cm

Height: 6.5 cm




Lelit, based near Milan in Italy, has presided over the professional equipment sector for over 20 years. Lelit espresso machines are designed and manufactured in Italy using the same components and materials selected for professional machines. They enable coffee lovers everywhere to enjoy the best espressos and cappuccinos, whether at home, in the office or while entertaining friends.

Lelit espresso cup stand
  • Stainless steel accessory to bring your espresso cup closer to the spout for maximum quality
LELIT 57mm group head gasket (for machines made after March 2015)
  • LELIT 57mm group head gasket made for LELIT Espresso machines made AFTER March 2015. Note: this gasket can be white or black.
Flair Espresso Pro Dispersion Screen
  • Flair Espresso Pro stainless steel dispersion screen designed to distribute water equally during the brewing process. For Flair Espresso Signature Pro.