This mug combines traditional Japanese tableware lifestyle with a modern touch. It is handmade in porcelain and holds 30cl of coffee or other beverage.


KINTO Small Mug CLK-151 White Colour - 300ml


tasse kinto CLK-151 blanc

A blend of tradition and modernity in one cup

The CLK-151 collection from Kinto has been created in collaboration with Japanese craftsmen who are experts in traditional Japanese tableware. Thanks to their know-how, you can enjoy a style that perfectly combines the old and the new.

They are hand-crafted in Japan from quality porcelain. This white and earthy colour gives a very raw style that will look great in your home.

These mugs have a 30cl capacity, ideal for a long drink like tea or a caffeinated and milky beverage.

They are compatible with your microwave and dishwasher, but be careful to avoid abrasive products.

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KINTO is a Japanese company created in 1972. In the beginning Kinto was a wholesaler of ceramic and porcelain crockery based in Shiga. During the eighties KINTO began to export its products to Europe while staying true to their Japanese roots. 

KINTO focuses on the design and ergonomics of their products, ensuring they appeal to a wide range of customers worldwide. 

Kinto Small Mug CLK-151 in White - 300ml
Perfect for Cappuccino, Tea/Herbal Tea
Main material Porcelain
Capacity From 11cl to 29cl (Cappuccino)
Dominant colour(s) White, Brown
Diameter (at the bottom) 75 mm
Diameter (at the top) 75 mm
Weight 130 Kg
Compatible Dishwasher, Microwave
Washing Dishwasher
Size (x H) x 60
EAN : 4963264498289