The Jura Claris Smart+ water filter removes limescale and impurities present in the water for coffee with unspoilt flavour. Enjoy coffee with all the flavour you want.
Compatible: Jura Ena and all Jura Impressa models, Jura E8, J6, J8, Jura Giga 6, Giga 10 etc.

Jura Claris Smart+ Water Filter

Coffee is 98% ’water. So it needs to be’ excellent quality to get a perfect result. With Claris Smart+, Jura is once again ’revolutionising water filtration. Its technology further enhances coffee machine ’ hygiene, starting with the ’ water tank.
In fact the Claris Smart+ filter improves product health and safety and protects the working life of your coffee machine. For the sheer pleasure of’ perfect coffee every day.

In addition to the proven professional up-draft principle, which filters the exact amount of’ water needed for each coffee preparation, Claris Smart+ contains a layer of active natural ingredients. Benefit: the natural flow of the’ water makes it pass constantly through the active ingredient layer and stabilise on contact. Limescale deposits are thus reduced, for maximum water tank cleanliness.

The coffee machine uses RFID technology to detect the presence of’ a filter and automatically activates the correct mode. It constantly collects data on ’filter use and tells you when it is worn out. Replacing the filter ’ has never been easier, making Claris Smart+ ultra-efficient.
Compatible: Jura Ena and all Jura Impressa models, Jura E8, J6, J8, Z10, Jura Giga 6, Giga 10 etc.



The JURA automatic coffee machines create an exceptional cup of coffee in just a few seconds. The key technologies used in the manufacture of the Jura Impressa and ENA automatic coffee machine ranges have made the brand a global success: Tempered steel conical grinder burrs, a patented brew unit, ease of maintenance - these are not optional extras, but rather standard features of their products!

Jura Claris Smart+ 24233 Water Filter
Type of cleaning product Filtration
Cleaning for Espresso machine
Type of product Official
EAN : 7610917242320