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JURA Claris BLUE 50L water filter for ENA and IMPRESSA

Brand :    Jura
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This Claris Blue 50L water filter is compatible with:

  • all Jura ENA models (whatever the date of purchase) and
  • all Jura IMPRESSA models purchased after February 2010 (See image of the product sheet to check the cartridge you need
  • All Jura A


Tips to make no mistake and choose your Jura water filter correctly:


The CLARIS Blue is compatible with all the Jura ENA models and all the Jura IMPRESSA models whose reception tip corresponds to the picture.Cette cartouche ENA Claris Blue s'enclanche dans l'embout Blue

The CLARIS Blue filter cartridge provides you with permanent freshly filtered and healthy water for your coffee or tea: directly placed in the water tank, it gives the water a neutral pH, ideal for coffee.


The 3 precious advantages of the CLARIS Blue 50L water filter:

  • Your water is freshly filtered before each withdrawal
  • A more qualitative water makes better coffee, the authentic aromas it produces will generously flatter your palate
  • Protect your machine during its entire life (no more descaling necessary)



To summarize:

  • Neutral PH water for coffee
  • Hard for limestone, kind for the Jura machine
  • Coffee with more aromas
  • Freshly filtered water
  • Filter capacity: up to 50 litres of coffee or 2 months of use



    REF JURA / Art. 67007



The JURA automatic coffee machines create an exceptional cup of coffee in just a few seconds. The key technologies used in the manufacture of the Jura Impressa and ENA automatic coffee machine ranges have made the brand a global success: Tempered steel conical grinder burrs, a patented brew unit, ease of maintenance - these are not optional extras, but rather standard features of their products!

JURA Claris BLUE 50L water filter for ENA and IMPRESSA
Type of product Filtration
Clean by Bean-to-Cup coffee machine
Official/Compatible Official
EAN : 7610917713110
JURA descaling tablets x 9
  • JURA descaling tablets: Ensure your Jura coffee machine lasts for longer by running a regular descaling programme. 9 tablets (3x3)
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