By purchasing the Solidarity Blend pack with the 500g of coffee, the Italian coffee maker and its mug, you will contribute to improving the autonomy and integration of women in society, especially of 70% of women working on coffee plantations. In 2018, Women In Coffee by Caffè Vergnano was launched and has been supporting many women's projects ever since. Its range of products, created for the occasion, allows a part of the proceeds to be donated to the partner organisation, International Women In Coffee.
Packaging: 2 x 250g sachets, 1 Italian coffee maker and 1 mug

Main characteristics

Intensite Balanced coffee
Appellation Blend
Type de torrefaction
Roasted in
Pays de torrefaction  Italy

Women in Coffee - ground coffee - Solidarity Blend 250 g 

A lovely project combined with a good cup of coffee, or how to combine the useful with the pleasant. Women, especially in the plantations, are at the heart of the Women In Coffee project of Caffè Vergnano in partnership with the association of the same name.

This coffee is produced by these women in a limited edition, it is the meeting of two lands, that of Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The former is one of the best origins, the latter is known for providing some of the best coffee in the world. The plantations are located at altitude, at 1600 m for the highest of them, which makes it a high-end blend.

Upon extraction, you will be pleased with both its colour and clarity in the cup. From the first sip, the malty, fruity notes of Santo Domingo, combined with the chocolatey aroma of Honduras Marcala are revealed. These are complemented by the best selections from Brazil and Colombia and the Arabicas of Africa for a blend that satisfies the senses of the taste buds and the soul.

Women in Coffee by Caffè Vergnano

Launched in 2018 at the initiative of the brand, this charity and fundraising project continues to this day to support women in need. Not just any women, those who work on plantations or women who are victims of violence, as an echo of current events. Caffè Vergnano has joined forces with the International Women In Coffee and is donating part of the proceeds from the product collection (cups, mugs, moka coffee makers, etc.) to the association. Among the many projects they have carried out together, we can mention the library built in Honduras near the plantations.

If you wish to discover the range, you can find the products on this dedicated page.


Women In Coffee

Women In Coffee

Women In Coffee is an initiative that Caffe Vergnano has been committed to for four years now. The brand has joined forces with the International Women In Coffee, which has given its name to the programme. Its aim: to support women coffee producers who work in small businesses. Effective actions have already been carried out with empowerment, inclusion and respect for women as their leitmotivs.