Green Lion Coffee 'Mélange Sirga'  is a 100% Arabica blend from South America. Certified organic. For a balanced  coffee with round body. Roasted in France. 1kg coffee beans.

Main caracteristics

Intensite Strong coffee
Appellation   Blend
Variete 100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   France
cafe bio   Certified Organic Coffee


Green Lion Coffee Organic Coffee Beans Mélange Sirga

This organic coffee offers a subtle and gourmet cup thanks to its notes of toast and caramel. Its slightly woody aftertaste will be appreciated. For a gourmet break, don't hesitate to accompany it with one of our napolitains & biscuits!

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Rediscover coffee with

In partnership with Delonghi, the experts at Maxicoffee have created a selection of the best coffees for your Delonghi espresso grinder. After several tests, they were able to find the optimal recipe and settings for this coffee.

Best for:
  3/4 French (~60ml)
Grinder setting:
  Position 3 to 4
Intensity setting:
   Extra Strong
Bonus: A round, rich cup in Doppio+.
Green Lion Coffee

Green Lion Coffee

Green Lion Coffee offers coffee beans cultivated with respect for environmental values and bio-diversity. Once selected, they are roasted in France, following the purest tradition. Each terroir is carefully worked to find the ideal recipe. These coffees from responsible & committed farming will satisfy coffee lovers who want to indulge with a clear conscience.