The Wacaco Picopresso portable coffee maker is for the true coffee lover who wants the perfect espresso, both at home and away from home. A sturdy, backpack-friendly travel machine with a 52 mm diameter double filter (18 g) for standard or bottomless extraction. No need for electricity: hot water and finely ground coffee for a double espresso with a beautiful crema. Free delivery. 2 year warranty.


Wacaco Picopresso : The Portable Coffee Maker

machine expresso nomade Wacaco Picopresso

An ultra-compact travel coffee maker for a professional espresso

With the Picopresso, Wacaco has reinvented the travel coffee machine by using a fairly large filter holder (52 mm), while offering a machine that fits in one hand! The objective? To create a mobile coffee maker capable of producing an intense double espresso with a nice crema. No need to sacrifice the quality of your coffee when you're away from home!

Despite its height of 10.5 cm and its weight of 350 g, the Wacaco Picopresso offers an intense experience thanks to its single filter (52 mm), designed to hold 18 g of coffee, ideal for a double espresso in the morning or for a boost in the morning! 

And for the coffee nerds, Wacaco gives you the possibility to make a bottomless extraction. You can choose between a standard extraction with a spout or a bottomless filter. 

With a simple filter, you will of course need a grind that is suitable for espresso: homogeneous and fine. You will therefore need to master the art of espresso making: finding the right grind, packing well, managing the extraction... 

Wacaco Picopresso machine à café nomade

The features of the Wacaco Picopresso? 

The Wacaco Picopresso and all its accessories are housed in a black solid shell case with a stylish design.
Everything is in its place: like a set of Russian dolls!
In the filter holder, you will find a folding measuring spoon, a small cleaning brush and a tool for "spiking" the grind. 
The tamper with its aluminium base and the dosing ring are contained in the tank. 
The trick will be to learn how to put everything away after use, so keep the instructions handy while you figure out the technique! 
The pump is an innovative, manually operated piston system. It reaches between 9 bar and 18 bar of pressure (9 bar being the international standard for extracting an espresso). The system retracts to store the Picopresso in its bag. 
The tank can hold up to 80 ml of water. The Picopresso mobile coffee machine is built to last and travel, with solid materials (mainly aluminium and BPA-free materials).

Wacaco picopresso pour le voyage

Using the Wacaco Picopresso 

The Wacaco Picopresso requires hot water (if you are hiking, bring your hot water in a good isothermal container), 16 to 18 gr of ground coffee (very fine and homogeneous). 

Following the instructions (or see the brand's video below), prepare your ground coffee in the filter, tamp it down, screw the filter with the ground coffee under the Picopresso, add the hot water on top and put the lid on so as not to burn yourself, pump 8 times and wait 8 to 10 seconds for the pre-infusion, finish pumping to extract your double espresso. 

It is recommended to pump with both hands for a good result. 

For maintenance, simply rinse the elements (filter and spray head) with clean water. Try it with a cloth and let it dry in the open air. 

Additional advice

Carry an insulated container that will keep your water hot for the desired period.

For adventurers who want to grind their coffee beans on site, consider a manual espresso grinder.

What we think:

On aime
Wel ove:
  • A small yet sturdy machine
  • Bottomless extraction
  • Well thought-out design for everything in the case
A noter
Plaese note:
  • It is essential to know how to adjust the grind with a suitable grinder and to know the basics for extracting an espresso. Double filter to extract a double espresso. 
Gaelle Expert Maxicoffee

Expert opinion

I tested the Wacaco Picopresso at home and went through three trials before finding the perfect grind (very fine for the coffee beans used). If you already own a manual espresso machine and a dedicated grinder, you will immediately understand the adjustments to be made to obtain a good result in a cup! 
The "Russian doll" storage is very intriguing, well thought out for travel, but I had to practice several times to put everything back in the bag. Don't lose the instructions when you leave! 
This travel espresso machine has a James Bond feel to it that I really liked. 
The grip inspires confidence: everything is solid and well made. 
The bottomless extraction is the little cherry on the cake (of course you have to find the right balance between grind and dosage...), but the result was interesting.  
I recommend it for "nerds" like me who never go without a good coffee! 

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Wacaco Picopresso Portable Coffee Maker with Case
Supply type Manual functioning
Compatible with Ground coffee
Dimensions (WxDxH) 78 x 71 x 106 mm
Weight 0.35 Kg
EAN : 4897066230764