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Espresso Decaffeinato Miscela d'Oro - 150 ESE pods

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Brand :    Miscela D'Oro
  • Arabica / Robusta
  • Decaffeinated without solvent
  • South America / Asia
  • 150 ESE coffee pods
Miscela D'Oro Espresso Decaffeinato is a blend of Arabica from South America and Robusta from Asia. This coffee blend is decaffeinated with water and is characterised by an intense aroma and a soft cream.

It is packaged in 150 ESE pods.


Main Characteristics:

Intensite Balanced Coffee
Appellation  South America / Asia
Variete  Arabica / Robusta
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Italy


Decaffeinato by Miscela d'Oro

ESE Espresso Decaffeinato pods have a low acidity and a smooth thick crema.

These ESE pods are made from a blend of Arabica from South America and Robusta from Asia.

The Espresso Decaffeinato has a mild and delicate aroma.

These ESE pods have been decaffeinated with pure water and have a natural aroma.

Miscela D'Oro's Espresso Decaffeinato ESE pods have a full-bodied intensity and a lingering finish.
Miscela D'Oro

Miscela D'Oro

Founded by the Urbano family in Messina,Italy, in 1946 Miscela D'Oro coffee is a selection of the best quality green coffees combined with exceptional technical know-how. For more than 60 years, 3 generations of the Urbano family have developed Miscela D'Oro coffee, while staying true to their ethos of being a traditional family-run business.

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