Destination 'Sélection Pur Arabica' organic coffee beans - 9x1kg

Brand :    Destination
  • Organic Arabica coffee (South/Central America)
  • Notes of caramel & milk chocolate
  • Balanced intensity
  • 9 x 1kg coffee beans
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Destination 'Sélection Pur Arabica' organic coffee beans. A 100% Arabica coffee from South & Central America. For a balanced coffee with notes of caramel and milk chocolate. Medium roast. Best enjoyed as an espresso or drip filter coffee. 9 packs of 1kg coffee beans for professionals. Free delivery.


Main caracteristics

Intensite Balanced coffee
Appellation Blend
Variete 100 % Arabica
Type de torrefaction
Roasted in
Pays de torrefaction  France
Café bio  Certified Organic

Organic coffee beans 100% Arabica Selection

It is still a favourite of many coffee lovers. You will find a consensual coffee that will please all palates with its monk's robe roast. The brown colour, which can be found even in the cup, is a first indication of the flavours you are about to find: milk chocolate and caramel.  The selection of organic Arabicas from South and Central America makes this blend a well-balanced, smooth and delicious coffee with subtle roasted notes. 

Destination: the number one organic coffee brand

Destination is a French company founded over 20 years ago in Bordeaux by two travel enthusiasts. Their aim: to offer organic and eco-responsible products that they have found through their encounters in Africa, Latin America and Asia. They only source their products from producers who are in line with sustainable, organic and rational agriculture. In the same way, Destination takes to heart the respect of local traditions and decent work. Because they know the history of the men and women who cultivate these raw materials, they favour French artisanal roasting in their Gironde workshop. This way, you can be sure to taste a coffee that has been preserved but pushed so that it is recognised at its true value.
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Destination - sharing their Girondine expertise. For 10 years, their traditional roasting methods have been producing a large choice of organic and freshly roasted coffees, most are Fair Trade certified. Also discover a large selection of teas and powdered chocolates from the best territories, imported via short food supply chains and already gracing some of France's finest tables.Destination has become the market leader for organic products in France.

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