The EcoDecalk descaler from Delonghi is an extremely effective coffee machine descaling product based on natural components that are non-corrosive, non-aggressive and without any danger to the environment. 100ml. Can be used in all coffee machines (bean to cup machines, espresso machines, drip filter coffee machines, capsules machines...). Pack of 12.



DELONGHI EcoDecalk Mini Descaler DLSC200 for Bean-to-cup 100ml x12


detartrant ecodecalk dlsc200

Pack of 12 Official Descalers

EcoDecalk is a highly effective, environmentally-friendly descaler for coffee machines. Its natural formula, composed exclusively of biodegradable ingredients, makes it non-corrosive, non-aggressive and harmless to the planet.

As well as its descaling action, EcoDecalk has sanitising and antibacterial properties that keep the internal parts of the machine in an optimal state of hygiene. This helps to preserve the taste of the coffee and prolong the life of the machine.

When using EcoDecalk, be sure to remove the filter cartridge from the water tank. We recommend using a 100 ml dose for each descaling. Please note that this product is not compatible with aluminium coffee makers.


The Italian DeLonghi group has unique expertise in the electrical appliance market. Espresso and bean-to-cup coffee machine giant Delonghi (world number 1) offers a full range of coffee makers and dedicated cleaning products.