Café-Tasse Dark Chocolate Bar with Earl Grey Tea - 85g

  • Dark chocolate
  • Contents: 85 g
  • Belgian chocolate
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Try this Café-Tasse dark chocolate bar flavoured with Earl Grey tea. Weight: 85g.


Café-Tasse - 85g Dark Chocolate Bar with Earl Grey Tea  


Chocolate Type Format Country of Origin
Café-Tasse dark chocolate bar with Earl Grey tea Café-Tasse chocolate bar Belgian flag
Dark chocolate Bar Belgium


The Café-Tasse dark chocolate bar blended with Earl Grey tea is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee breaks.


Café-Tasse dark chocolate and tea

The Best of Belgian chocolate:

Feel the Café-Tasse chocolate melt in the mouth with each sip of a fine espresso... 

With Café-Tasse a new style is born. 

It's a luxury chocolate that travels between worlds, an entire lifestyle just waiting to be tasted..

The World of Café-Tasse:

From childhood, chocolate has always been one of life's highlights. With a strong heritage in creating flavours and a pedigree of great master chocolatiers, Café-Tasse offers us the same love for chocolate that we had as children.

Its consistently superb range of products, including the iconic mini-square, carry the hallmark of artistry and refinement. It blends traditional knowledge with wide travel and new ideas to create a contrast of classic and trend-setting flavours.

Its chocolate collections are the signs of an evolving art, like paintings whose colours and techniques are forever being reinvented. Globally, Café-Tasse puts its skill and experience into creating the taste sensations we love.




For more than 20 years, Belgian chocolate maker Café-Tasse has been delighting taste buds everywhere with subtly flavoured and beautifully packaged chocolate.

Savouring the taste of Café-Tasse chocolate is not just about paying homage to the great master chocolate makers but also about immersing oneself in the history of chocolate.

Café-Tasse Dark Chocolate Bar with Earl Grey Tea - 85g
Type of chocolate Dark chocolate
Capacity in g 85 gram(s)
Packaging By 1
EAN : 5400219517903
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