6 Origami Latte Bowl cups and saucers 25 cl - Purple

Brand :    Origami
  • Size: 25 cl
  • Material: High quality ceramics
  • Beverage: Ristretto / Espresso
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The Origami Espresso Cup 25 cl has been specially created for Barista competitions. They enhance each drink they contain, both in terms of aesthetics and aroma. They are available in several sizes, 9 cl, 19 cl or 25 cl.


6 Espresso Egg cups and saucers - Origami


Main caracteristics

Type of beverage
Type de boisson Cappuccino
Capacité   25 cl
Matériaux Ceramic
Paroi Thick edges
Anses With handle
Forme Eggshell


Origami cups have been developed in collaboration with Baristas to showcase their creations. 

They are manufactured in compliance with SCA standards for use in competitions, whether in 9 cl, 19 cl or 25 cl format.

The shape and thickness of the walls are designed to make your experience unique, whether you are creating or tasting. 

The internal curve of the cup reveals the aromas and crema of your espresso.    For a perfect cappuccino, mix the coffee and milk and make a beautiful latte.

It is equipped with a stable handle for a good grip when making your creations.



ORIGAMI is a Japanese manufacturer that designs equipment to support the pursuit of the ultimate cup of coffee.

6 Origami Latte Bowl cups and saucers 25 cl - Purple
Perfect for Espresso/Ristretto
Main material Barista porcelain
Diameter (at the top) 112 mm
Diameter (at the bottom) 90 mm
Height 81 mm
Weight 0.27 Kg
Features Egg shape, With handle
Washing Dishwasher
EAN : 4536058764213
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