Compagnie Coloniale Mint Verbena Herbal Tea - 25 Berlingo® tea bags

  • Verbena Herbal Tea
  • Notes of Mint
  • Ideal in the Afternoon or Evening
  • 25 Berlingo bags in 50g box
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Discover Compagnie Coloniale's Mint Verbena herbal tea. This floral infusion is perfect after a heavy meal or to end your evening on a fresh note. 25 Berlingo bags in a 50g box.

Main Characteristics:

Herbal Tea
Famille Verbena
Type of Tea
Type Flavoured
ames Mint
Dominante Floral
Origine - -
Brewing Guide
Temps  3 min
Temperature 85° C
Temps Afternoon/Evening


Verbena Mint - Compagnie Coloniale

The luxury box Verbena Mint from Colonial Company is perfect all day long. A thirst-quenching infusion to finish a meal and relax to start your night. Delicious as is or sweetened!

Compagnie Coloniale's Know-How

The Berlingo® bag, designed by Compagnie Coloniale, allows, thanks to its pyramid shape and its silk-like texture, more space for the tea leaves to infuse and release all their flavour.

Compagnie Coloniale selects the best black teas from great origins. This French tea house produces in-house blends using a unique process.

Steaming is a characteristic know-how of Compagnie Coloniale. This technique gives the tea leaves a caramelised shine and allows the aromas to be fixed on the tea leaves by immersing them in a steam bath. This technique allows the tea leaves to reveal a faithful fragrance and flavours both on the nose and in the mouth.

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Compagnie Coloniale 

Compagnie Coloniale 

Founded in Paris in 1848, Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest brand of French tea, and remains a market leader due to its high quality blends. Its exceptional creations and aromas from all four corners of the world bring delight to tea lovers everywhere. Its Christmas Tea is still considered a "must have"product. But Compagnie Coloniale still regularly offers new innovative blends with surprising flavour combinations.

Compagnie Coloniale Mint Verbena Herbal Tea - 25 Berlingo® tea bags
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions, Not individually wrapped, Pyramid bags, Chiffon bags
EAN : 3760166260379
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