More about Pellini coffee beans :

Discover Pellini Gran Aroma  n°3: a blend of 100% Arabica coffee, carefully selected by origin, to create a product rich in aromas. Pellini’s  slow and distinct roasting for beans of different origin is able to offer a flavourful espresso with chocolate and honey aromas. 1kg coffee beans.

Key Facts

  • Variety
    100% Arabica
  • Designation
  • Roasting

café grain

An Ideal Coffee for Professionals

Pellini coffee is the result of a slow roasting process in which the beans have been uniformly roasted. Its quality is incomparable.

Offer these coffee beans to your customers, whether you have a bar, a restaurant, a coffee shop or any other type of business offering coffee. Its gourmet notes will not leave your customers indifferent!

This Gran Aroma will make their visit unforgettable, thanks to its rich and thick crema, accompanied by chocolate and honey notes.

Constant Quality and Taste Control

Through careful examination, twenty qualified judges compared the taste and aroma of this coffee. By using all the senses, it is possible to recognise sensitive variations in taste: from the sense of smell to the visual aspect, this coffee is carefully checked before it is ready to be distributed.

Quality Roasting

Pellini coffee is slowly roasted at very controlled temperatures depending on the type of beans processed. This artisanal care is a coherent part of the quality project implemented by the company, which has decided to obtain results by respecting the raw material without having to resort to forced actions of any kind. The beans are roasted uniformly, from the central core to the outer coating, by means of a progressive heating process. The roasting method is done with hot air, without the beans coming into contact with any metal. A blast of air causes the coffee to flutter and remain in suspension.

Cooling is also done by air. The beans are then stored in special silos for decanting.



Pellini is a famous brand of coffee from Verona (Italy). Marco Pellini, coffee master roaster, focuses on the quality and excellence of coffee, rather than quantity.

The Pellini brand was rewarded at the first edition of the International Coffee Tasting Awards . Double gold medal in the "Espresso" and "Moka" categories.