Find all the Italian intensity in the Nespresso® compatible Ristretto Maestro aluminium capsules. You will be able to feel sweet chocolate and caramel notes in your small cup. Be surprised by the intensity of the taste and the elegance of the blend elaborated by Master Roasters.
Packaging: box of 30 capsules


Main Characteristics

Intensite  Strong coffee
Appellation   Blend
Variete   Arabica / Robusta
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Italy


capsule nespresso lavazza ristretto

Nespresso® Compatible Ristretto Capsules - LAVAZZA 

This intense, full-bodied coffee with sweet chocolate and caramel notes will bring power and minimalism in one bite. Intensity of flavour in a small cup, that's the magic of this Ristretto.

capsule lavazza ristretto

Why Choose Aluminium Over Plastic Pods

This packaging is designed by master roasters to convey the strong, gourmet intensity of the chocolate and caramel notes.

The aluminium capsules are more hermetic to preserve the flavours in a fresh way. In addition, they can be recycled more easily (at collection points or in your yellow bin, once emptied).



With 120 years of experience, Lavazza has the image of an innovative brand in constant search for quality. Globally synonymous with the Italian espresso and the Italian Dolce Vita, Lavazza is currently market leader for product quality.

Lavazza Maestro Ristretto Nespresso® Compatible Pods x 30
Capsule materials Aluminium
EAN : 8000070063143