Caffè Borbone Dolce Gusto® Compatible Capsules Decaf Blend x 15

  • 15 capsules Miscela Dek
  • Compatible with Dolce Gusto®
  • Decaf Coffee Capsules
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Do you feel like drinking a cup of coffee before going to bed, but worry that you won't be able to sleep? Thanks to Caffè Borbone's decaffeinated capsules, coffee and rest go hand in hand! Treat yourself to the taste of a perfect little black coffee without the caffeine.
Intensite Balanced Coffee
Appellation   Blend
TYPE of coffee
Variete Arabica and Robusta
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Italy

Discover Miscela Dek Capsules Compatible with Dolce Gusto® by Caffè Borbone


capsule miscela dek caffe borbone

The Perfect Decaf Capsule

Miscela Dek is a coffee from the Italian brand Caffè Borbone with a caffeine content of no more than 0.1%. This low level of caffeine means it can be described as a decaffeinated coffee. Apart from this characteristic, this coffee has a good body, medium intensity and persistence, and is very smooth on the palate. A hint of acidity may appear at the end of the tasting for the most sensitive palates.

tasse capsule miscela dek caffe borbone

Why Buy Caffè Borbone on

At Maxicoffee, we believe that coffee is for everyone. This doesn't mean that the same coffee will suit everyone, but there's something for everyone in our selection of Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules. We offer a wide range of Caffè Borbone brand coffees, and always at the best price! You can also take advantage of regular offers to treat yourself without blowing up the bank.

Caffè Borbone

Caffè Borbone

Caffè Borbone is an Italian coffee brand born in 1997 in Naples, a city where coffee is more than a ritual, it's a culture and a way of life. Caffè Borbone products are renowned for bringing out the best of Italian coffee in your cup.

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