Cafés Lugat Brazil - Cerrado Mineiro - 9kg

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More about Cafés Lugat Pro coffee beans :

Cerrado Mineiro coffee beans come from the region of the same name in South East Brazil, famous for producing high-quality coffees with a unique identity. This speciality coffee offers sweet notes of chocolate and nuts. Medium roast designed for a good espresso. 9kg coffee beans.

Key Facts

  • Variety
    100% Arabica
  • Designation
    Pure Origin
  • Origin
  • Roasting
    France (Artisan Roasters)

Your Coffee’s ID Card

Each coffee is unique! Its terroir and specificities give it its identity.

  • Origin
    Brazil, Cerrado Mineiro
  • Process
  • Variety
    Catuïa, Mundo Novo
  • Altitude
    1200 meters
  • Harvest
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cafes lugat

Main Characteristics:

Intensité Balanced Coffee
Appellation Terroir Coffee
Pays d'origine  Brazil
Type de torréfaction
roasted in
Pays de torréfaction   France (Aquitaine)
Type de café 100% Arabica
Variété botanique Mundo Novo - Catuai
Altitude  Altitude 1200M
Type de récolte Manual and Selective Harvest
Process Natural


More About Our Medium Roast : 

This "special espresso" coffee has undergone a medium roast , which develops a generous body, powerful aromas and fullness in the mouth.

Meanwhile, our light roast coffees develop significant acidity and a more complex palette of aromas in the cup.


A Closer Look at Appellations:

This Cerrado Mineiro coffee is a Terroir Coffee.

  label picto A Label Coffee : a superior-quality coffee that corresponds to a certain coffee-growing region
arrow terroir picto A Terroir Coffee : high-quality coffee, renowned for the distinctiveness of its soil
  micro-lot picto A MicroLot :  a terroir coffee grown on a specific plot known for its exceptional quality and specific preparation


What Lionel, Coffee Roaster at Cafés Lugat, Has to Say:
roaster review

Lionel* likes:

- Its chocolate and nutty notes

- Its full body

- Its powerful aromas

*The coffee scout (Cafés Lugat)

ranking picto

85 /100



Other Production Characteristics:

Harvest period: July to September


The Story of Cafés Lugat:

Lionel Lugat is the legendary coffee roaster at MaxiCoffee . Over the years, he has surrounded himself with an expert team of roasters.

This coffee specialist , judge in the French Coffee Championships and expert columnist for our coffee company tells the story of Cafés Lugat and his passion for coffee roasting below.

More About Our Coffee:
This Arabica blend (Mundo Novo/Catuai) comes from 3 high-altitude farms in the region of Cerrado. These 3 coffees have been selected for this blend due to their excellent quality, sweet aromas and complementary flavours.
This coffee blend carries a PGI label (Protected Geographical Indication) with "Cerrado Mineiro" certification, which guarantees that this coffee is indeed from this region. The coffea plants are grown at altitudes between 800 and 1300 metres and are known for producing high-quality coffees with a unique identity.
Each certified bag bears a stitched bar code and QR code, so that the producer of the batch can be traced and information can be provided on the coffee.
The GPI label is an official sign of a certain terroir's special characteristics. It acts as a quality guarantee and prevents imposters by protecting a geographical name associated with the unique character of a product (agricultural or artisanal).
Producers from this region will tell you more about the Cerrado terroir and the "Cerrado Mineiro" certification at the bottom of the page.
Geographical Location:


Cafés Lugat
  • Medium Roast
  • 100% Arabica (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia)
  • 3kg (12 x 250g)
  • Notes of nutty chocolate spread & almond
  • Tasty blend ideal as an espresso!
  • Ideal for coffee retailers


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