Café Royal Bio Lungo is a blend of organic & fairtrade Arabica. For a mild coffee with notes of grapefruit and cereals. UTZ certified. For 110ml cup of coffee. 1 box of 50 capsules for Nespresso® professional machines.


Café Royal is the most popular choice for Nespresso® coffee alternative in Switzerland. The conclusion is clear: the practical side, the quality, the freshness and the aroma of the product has attracted many consumers!
Want to vary the pleasures? So try the experience with these Nespresso® Professional Café Royal compatible capsules.
These Café Royal coffee capsules are compatible with the Nespresso® Pro range like Zenius and Gemini models.
Café Royal makes compatible coffee capsules bursting with aromas and fully hermetic. This means the Café Royal coffee capsules do not need any unnecessary individual packaging.
Quality and attractive prices are waiting for you!

UTZ certification
As the supplier of  Swiss premium coffee, Café Royal guarantees the highest quality, sustainably produced coffee and green coffee from UTZ certified plantations (or a comparable label).  You can find the exact origins of your Café Royal coffee with the UTZ traceability system 'GIP'.

Café Royal

Café Royal

Café Royal is a well-known Swiss brand of coffee that manufactures a wide range of products : from Nespresso® compatible capsules to Dolce Gusto® compatible pods, as well as coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee and even tea.

Several of Café Royal products have been awarded: in 2014, several of the brand's Nespresso® capsules were voted Flavour of the Year.