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The water filter jugs are an essential item to get the purest, clearest and tastiest water. Filtered water eliminates both harmful substances (such as lead, copper, zinc or even chlorine) and bad smells. We offer a selection of the best water filter jugs brands: Brita, or even BWT, Thermos, etc. as well as a large range of filter cartridges.

The filtration is also environmentally friendly: you stop using plastic bottles and drink filtered tap water!
Also, you can use better quality water to extend the lifespan of your espresso coffee machines'. In fact, 60% of coffee machine breakdowns are due to water quality problems.

Water filter jugs: because the quality of a coffee or tea also depends on the water!

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Perfect Water Tea & Coffee Opti-date filter jug 2.7L - BWT
  • Perfect Water Tea & Coffee filter jugs are the only ones on the market to filter out impurities while maintaining magnesium content. Its Opti-date system provides an accurate count of the number of refills and time since you last changed the filter. Capacity: 2.7L
  • In stock, dispatched within 24h
  • In stock, dispatched within 24h

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