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Bluecup pack of 6 refillable and reusable capsules for Nespresso®

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Brand :    Bluecup
  • Refillable and reusable
  • Create your Nespresso® capsules
  • Choose your own coffee
  • Economical & Environmentally-friendly

This pack contains 6 reusable capsules for your Bluecup kit. Use your favourite ground coffee with your Nespresso capsules machines and be kinder to the environment! 

mode emploi capsules nespresso bluecup

An eco-friendly solution for your everyday coffee

The Bluecup capsules are reusable. You can wash them a hundred times, aluminium foils are recyclable and the coffee is compostable. These reusable Nespresso compatible pods, is an innovative, smart and simple way to reduce wastes.

What coffee grind can I use?

Your coffee grind should be an espresso grind. A universal grind should do. If the water doesn't go through the grind, try tamping your coffee less tightly and / or use a coarser grind.  

Nota bene:

Bluecup can only be used in Nespresso machines manufactured after October 2010. To know if your machine is compatible, please check that the the sleeve that clamps onto the capsule when you close your Nespresso machine is made of black plastic (not aluminum).


The BlueCup brand specialises in reusable plastic capsules for Nespresso® machines. Convenient and simple to use, Bluecups enable you to make your own capsules with your personal choice of ground coffee. They help you reduce waste as all you throw away is the aluminium seal.

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