English Tea Shop - Loose Black Tea Peach Ginger - 100g

  • Fruity black tea
  • Notes : Peach / Ginger
  • Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylan)
  • Organic farming and Fair trade
  • Packaging: 100g airtight bag
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Let yourself be carried away by the surprising marriage of the spicy flavour of ginger and the sweetness of peach with this delicious Peach Ginger Organic black tea from the English Tea Shop. Packaging: 100g airtight bag.

Main Caracteristics

Type of tea
FamilleBlack tea
Type Flavoured
amesPeach / Ginger
Dominante Fruity
Origine Sri Lanka
brewing guide
Temps 3-4 min
Temperature 100°C
Temps Morning

English Tea Shop - Loose Black Tea Peach and Ginger

Enjoy the surprising and delicious combination of ginger acidity, peach fruit and Ceylon black tea in a cup. The result is a spicy and refreshing tea that is perfect to awaken your senses.

The strength of the black tea with a slight touch of acidity provides a nice balance to this combination.

Organic Peach Ginger Black Tea can be enjoyed both hot and iced.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea* (84%), ginger* (10%), peach pieces* (2%), natural peach flavour (4%).  

Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade:

This black tea from the English Tea Shop is responsibly sourced. The fields are not processed and are owned by small local producers, who are part of the fair trade system, guaranteeing them a fair wage. The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. 

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English Tea Shop

English Tea Shop

Created in 2009 by Gamini Jayaweera, the English Tea Shop offers a range of quality Sri Lankan teas. As a committed and socially responsible company, all English Tea Shop teas are organic and Fair Trade certified. What's more, their colourful and fun packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable. English Tea Shop produces both tea bags and loose leaf tea.

English Tea Shop - Loose Black Tea Peach Ginger - 100g
Organic Organic
Type of tea Black Tea
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions
Dominant notes Fruity, Spicy
Flavours Ginger, Peach
Country of origin Sri Lanka
Terroir Ceylon
Infusion time 3 to 4 min
Advised infusion temperature 100 °C
EAN : 3700809381139
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