ARAM Espresso Maker from Brazil with steel support + Free Espresso Glasses!

  • Free gifts: 250g coffee & 2 espresso glasses
  • Crafted in Brazil with handmade parts
  • Crank mechanism: no electricity needed
  • Stainless steel brewing unit
  • Steel support for home set-up
  • LIMITED STOCK & Free delivery
Free gift included
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Free gift included
Free gift included
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  • FREE delivery
  • In stock, dispatched within 48h

Discover the unique Aram® Espresso Maker : it combines beautiful craftsmanship and elegant design. Made in Brazil with noble materials.  The Aram® Espresso Maker comes with a steel support but it can be used without it as a travel espresso maker. Its unusual coffee extraction mechanism with bottomless portafilter produces a high quality espresso. No electricity needed. LIMITED STOCK.

Special offer: Buy your ARAM from MaxiCoffee and get 250g Cafés Lugat coffee beans & 2 double-wall espresso glasses for free ! 


The Aram® Espresso Maker


A unique crank mechanism to control pressure

The Aram Espresso Maker extracts coffee using a bottomless portafilter : this means it is a beautiful process to watch as well as a real pleasure of taste!
The machine is manufactured in Brazil with robust and high quality materials such as noble wood and solid stainless steel : the machine alone weighs nearly one kilo! 
The wooden body also serves as a water tank, just fill with hot water (92/95°C) and turn the crank to create the pressure manually.

The stainless steel portafilter has a 53mm filter basket, allowing you to extract syrupy espressi with about 18-19 grams of coffee (close to the standard of professional machines)

At home or on the go?
With the solid stainless steel support supplied with the machine, this Aram Espresso Maker makes it possible to transform an espresso machine into a real object of decoration. 
The maintenance of an espresso machine is sometimes complicated, but not with the Aram Espresso Maker because all parts are removable and therefore can be cleaned. Everything has really been well designed and thought of ! 
In addition, using the crank mechanism to make a coffee is very similar to the idea of using a nomad lever espresso machine.  
If you are on the go, just leave the support at home, pack your Aram Espresso Maker with the special shot glass supplied, your favourite coffee grind and you are all set!   
What did Jérémy, our espresso machines expert think?  
As a fan of espresso and self-confessed coffee geek, I am always very curious when a new concept comes out.
The Aram Espresso Maker is a concept in its own right. First of all, this product is handcrafted in Brazil and the wood used comes from local forests. I really like the fact that each machine is unique because of the piece of wood used. This means each machine has a different tone and special texture. 
Everything has been well studied, nothing is left to chance. With the Aram Espresso Maker, you apply manual pressure without forcing using the crank. This produces a really magical espresso! 
I was skeptical at first and I wondered if this machine wasn't going to be more decorative than productive as a quality espresso maker. I quickly realised that what we have here is not only a unique elegant object but also a quality espresso machine. 
I used a Rose Diamond coffee from Cafés Lugat , with 22 grams of coffee (espresso grind), water at 94°C, and 28 turns of the crank to apply constant pressure (not too slow but not too fast) ... The resulting espresso was incredible!
I have truly become a real fan of this product!
Additional notes
You will need a good coffee grinder, special espresso grind , to get the best results with the  Aram Espresso Maker. 
The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade would be the perfect manual grinder for this purpose, for example. 
If you have any questions regarding the Aram® Espresso Maker, please contact us for advice by emailing
This pack includes:
1 Aram Espresso Maker + 1 Steel Support with its accessories 
1  special shot glass
1 Tamper
1 Double filter basket 53 mm & 1 Portafilter
1 Funnel
FREE 250g Cafés Lugat coffee beans & 2 double-wall espresso glasses


Aram Coffee

Aram Coffee

Aram Coffee is a brand from Brazil. Their espresso makers are handmade by local craftsmen, using noble materials including wood.

ARAM Espresso Maker from Brazil with steel support + Free Espresso Glasses!
Compatible with Freshly ground coffee
Advised grinder Espresso grinder advised
Dominant colour(s) Dark wood
Size (W x Dx H) 170 x 220 x 317 mm
Weight 4.06 Kg
Portafilter supplied Stainless steel - Bottomless
Diameter of extraction group 53 mm
Type of heater None (manual)
Type of filters supplied Simple filter 2 cups
Downloads available for ARAM Espresso Maker from Brazil with steel support + Free Espresso Glasses! :

Instruction manual