Perléo Espresso 2x1kg coffee beans for sweet drinks

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  • Best origins
  • Roasted in France
  • Perfect for milk drinks
  • 2x1Kg
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Discover this special pack dedicated to sweet tooths! You will find Perléo Espresso coffee beans, made and roasted in France, ideal to satisfy your caffeine and milk cravings. Packaging: 2 packages of 1kg coffee beans.

Key Facts

  • Designation
  • Roasting
    France (National Brands)


Main characteristics of the PERLEO ESPRESSO coffee bean pack Special sweet drinks:

café en grain perléo espresso cremoso

Why did we create this coffee bean pack?

To learn: MaxiCoffee will always give you the keys to a successful coffee experience, and that starts with learning. That's why we produce live shows, blogs and even packs to get you started in the best possible way.

Try it: This pack is an opportunity to try milk drinks with the certainty of having made the right choice of coffee for it. Depending on your tastes but also on the time of day, you will not enjoy the same type of drink from one member of the family to another. With these two 250g Perléo Espresso beans, you discover and experiment with coffees until you find your own. 

Brighten up your daily life: As the cooler evenings and the more difficult awakenings become more prevalent, it is not unpleasant to snuggle up in your blanket with a creamy cappuccino in your hands! Learn, try and shake up your daily life by discovering the exciting world of coffee. You won't be able to do without it, like many of our clients!  

torréfié en france

Perléo Espresso coffee beans

Our team of experts has selected for you two coffee beans that are very popular with our customers.

The Cremoso and Antica coffee beans are perfect with a milk-based product thanks to the presence of Robusta and the "Italian" roasting of the coffee, which is roasted in France.

1 Kg Antica coffee bean: This great Italian classic offers a fleshy cup and a powerful body. Its sweet and cocoa notes, sublimated of a herbaceous point, making think of the fresh tobacco, offer a complex and deep coffee with a length in mouth persistent in the notes of caramel.

Best in a Macchiato for a touch of sweetness that breaks the bitterness of coffee and in cappuccino for a tasting all round. 

1 Kg Cremoso coffee bean: It offers you notes of hazelnut and roasted almond. Thanks to the robusta, you will get a powerful cup with a structured body and a creamy texture. A long espresso in the mouth with notes of peanut butter in the finish. 

We recommend it as a cappuccino but also as a moccaccino, its tightness will be counterbalanced by the chocolate and milk for an exquisite cup! This coffee is very aromatic in espresso or ristretto, allow yourself to make an espresso macchiato you would be surprised by the result.

Redécouvrez le café avec

En partenariat avec Philips, les experts de Maxicoffee ont créé pour vous une sélection des meilleurs cafés pour votre espresso broyeur Philips. Après plusieurs tests, ils ont pu trouver la recette et les paramètres optimums pour ce café.

Réglage optimal pour votre Philips
Idéal en :

  Espresso (~40ml)
Réglage moulin :

  Position 1 à 3
Réglage intensité :

LE PETIT + : En cappuccino pour plus de rondeur
Perleo Espresso

Perleo Espresso

Perleo Espresso offers Italian-style roasted coffees for all lovers of intense aromas. Their coffee beans are selected for the richness of their aromatic potential and for the care the producers show to their crops. The green coffee beans are then entrusted to Perleo Espresso master roasters in Italy who work with delicacy and precision, following traditional methods. Perleo Espresso is above all a story of passionate women and men.

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