Pack of 2 Philips / Saeco CA6903/00 AquaClean filters use patented technology to filter your water thoroughly so you only have to descale your machine once every 5,000 coffees.

Pack of 2 Philips / Saeco Aquaclean filters

Deep filtration

The Saeco AquaClean CA6903/00 filter uses patented technology to filter your water thoroughly so you only have to descale your machine once every 5,000 coffees.

With the patented Philips / Saeco AquaClean water filter, you only have to descale your automatic espresso machine when it has made 5,000 cups (2 years). Purer water makes for delicious coffee. Simply change the filter every 3 months (with 100 ml cups and 8 filter changes carried out as instructed by the coffee machine).

Features of the Saeco AquaClean CA6903/00

  • Ultra-purified water from a patented water circuit. The water circulates longer through the filter before reaching the coffee machine. So the purification is more advanced, producing clear water and exceptional coffee.
  • Microporous filter retains impurities: Removing the small particles makes all the difference in the quality of your coffee. The micro-porous filter prevents impurities from contaminating the water. So every coffee you brew tastes fresh, pure and delicious.
  • Naturally removes limescale with ion-exchange technology: Ion-exchange technology removes limescale from water before it enters your coffee machine, preventing deposits. If you change the filter every 3 months, your machine can brew 5,000 cups without limescale, for perfect hygiene.
  • Switching on AquaClean disables the descaling indicator: With the AquaClean filter, only pure filtered water enters your coffee machine. The descaling indicator is then automatically disabled.
  • Enjoy superb quality coffee after coffee in total ease. The machine will only reactivate the descaling indicator after 8 filter changes.

Models compatible with the filter:

  • HD8858/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8859/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8911/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8911/21 (purchased after June 2016)
  • HD8914/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8917/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8924/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8927/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8975/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8977/01 (purchased after December 2015)
  • HD8922/01 (purchased after October 2016)
  • HD8925/01 (purchased after October 2016)


Founded in 1981 in Italy, Saeco is the inventor of fully automatic coffee machines with integrated grinder. It is one of the market leaders for quality, well-designed bean-to-cup machines.

Pack of 2 Water Filters CA6903/22 Saeco Aquaclean
Set of 2
Type of cleaning product Filtration
Cleaning for Bean-to-Cup coffee machine
EAN : 8720389000720