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Our Van Houten chocolate selection

A true pioneer in cocoa powder, Van Houten offers chocolate powders that are ideal for creating drinks with character .
We offer several types of Van Houten products: unsweetened dark chocolate powder with a very raw, bitter cocoa flavour , as well as more elaborate, gourmet chocolate powder recipes with softer, rounder flavours . Find our selection of chocolates on

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From cocoa to Van Houten chocolate powder

A sugary legend

It was the conquistador Cortes who brought the first cocoa beans to the European continent. When he arrived in Mexico, the Yucatan Indians mistook him for the reincarnation of their revered god Quetzalcoatl. According to legend, this god ruled over a city overflowing with wealth.

The houses and palaces were covered in precious stones and the forest abounded in cacao trees. One day, out of jealousy, some sorcerers decided to poison him. In his madness, he destroyed his village. Before fleeing, he promised his people that he would return cured in the year of the reeds.

In 1819, Hernan Cortès set foot in Mexico. It was the Year of the Reeds and his shining armour immediately struck a chord with the natives, who took him for the God who had promised his return. The natives offered him a cocoa plantation. Cortes then discovered the full potential of these large seeds.

On his return to Spain, Cortès introduced the crushed cocoa drink to the court. At first, these chocolate drinks were reserved for the elite, but chocolate has since been democratised across Europe and is now the comforting, regressive drink we know today, made by mixing skimmed or whole milk with chocolate powder.

The origins of Van Houten

It was Coenraad Johannes Van Houten who turned chocolate powder into this creamy, smooth hot drink. This chemist from Holland developed a new cocoa press technique that enabled him to extract the cocoa bean powder by separating it from its cocoa butter. Mr Van Houten revolutionised the world of cocoa powder, offering for the first time a cocoa powder that was easily soluble in milk or water.

Van Houten chocolate powder

The Original Van Houten

The chocolate powder that put Van Houten on the map is dark, unsweetened cocoa powder. This is the brand's original cocoa. Van Houten offers a very fine cocoa powder with raw and rustic cocoa flavours that trace the history of cocoa. This chocolate powder is ideal for making hot or cold milky drinks, or even in the preparation of pastries.

Van Houten, chocolate powder brought up to date

For almost 200 years, Van Houten has been consistent in its demand for quality and taste. Today, it has diversified by offering a range of chocolate powders, each as delicious as the next. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate, they're all sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made from skimmed milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter or cocoa butter milk, all you have to do is add it to your basket and enjoy!

For the sweetest teeth, opt for white chocolate powder or even caramel powder, always with just as much subtlety and generosity. This white chocolate powder will make you melt with happiness right from breakfast. All these chocolate powder recipes allow you to make your traditional hot chocolate and vary the pleasures of cold sweets or pastries.

Discover the world of Van Houten and chocolate powders, give free rein to your imagination and treat yourself. Enjoy with or without moderation!

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