TIMEMORE Fish 03 Pour over kettle: with patented spout for a water flow you can control even better. Stable and precise with 90° vertical pouring ability. Ergonomic design. Small hole on the lid to fit a thermometer & check your water! A must-have kettle for pour-over Coffee lovers! 

The Timemore Fish03 pour over kettle stands out with its patented design, making it an essential piece of equipment for pour-over coffee lovers.

Its spout and internal structure guarantee a right angle pour, for minimum disturbance of the coffee and a more uniform extraction. Its 6mm diameter provides excellent control of the water flow.

Its handle remains cold to avoid any risk of burns. It has been designed to counterbalance the weight of the water for an easy and comfortable pouring action.

Teflon coating to avoid scratches.

The lid has a small space for a thermometer, to give you perfect control of the temperature.



TIMEMORE was co-founded in 2012 by coffee lovers. The brand specialises in original hand-made coffee equipment with an emphasis on slow coffee.

TIMEMORE Fish 03 Pour over kettle - 600ml
Dominant colour(s) Black
Weight 0.435 Kg
Temperature setting Without adjustments
Size (x H) x 138
EAN : 6959493508057