The insulated thermos by Bravilor Bonamat: This red Airpot Furento is an ergonomic insulated container that keeps coffee warm without altering its aroma for hours on end, so you can enjoy a good filter coffee anytime, anywhere.



Hermetic Capacity Material
100% hermétique 100%
tient au chaud 12 hours
tient au froid 24 hours
Stainless Steel
sans bpa
contenance isotherme 2,2L

  • Dimensions : Diameter: 16.4 cm / Height: 37.8 cm
  • Weight : 1890g
  • Capacity : 2.2 L
  • Perfect insulation
  • Ergonomic
  • Strong

Bravilor Bonamat Bravilor Bonamat specialises in professional products for the coffee world. Reliability, user-friendliness and cutting-edge technology and design have been the keys to Bravilor Bonamat's success for almost sixty years.




Bravilor Bonamat specialises in professional products for the coffee industry.
Reliability, ease of use and ahead of the times in terms of both technology and design - these have been the key factors behind Bravilor Bonamat's sixty or so years of success.

Bravilor - Furento Airport Lever Action Pump Thermos Glass & Stainless Steel - 2.2L
Dominant colour(s) Red
2.2 L
Inside wall material Stainless steel
Diameter 165 mm
Stays hot 12 hour(s)
Stays cold 24 hour(s)
Airtight capacity 100% leak proof
Specificities BPA free
Cleaning Dishwasher not recommended
Size (x H) x 380
EAN : 8713441045128