Puly Caff® Descaler for Coffee Machines x 10 sachets

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This PULY CAFF detergent is perfect for your professional espresso machine and is the most widely used on the market thanks to its powerful effectiveness. It will be the perfect ally for keeping your machine running smoothly.
Packaging: 10 x 20g sachets.

Puly Caff Descaler To Maintain Your Coffee Maker

Puly Caff Cleaner and Descaler

PULY CAFF Cleaning Sachets For Professional Coffee Machines X10

The Puly Caff cleaner in a box of 10 sachets is a detergent powder that thoroughly cleans and disinfects the dispensing unit of your coffee machine. They are recommended for all models of domestic and professional espresso machines.

They clean and destroy oils and coffee residues in the brewing unit. These oils can alter the taste of the coffee and can inhibit the aromas.

This Puly Caff cleaner will give you 10 coffee machine cleanings and is recommended for all models of domestic and professional espresso machines, but requires the use of a blind filter for manual espresso machines.  It should not be used with aluminium coffee makers.
The purpose of the Pulycaff cleaner is to:

    - Destroy coffee oils in the group head
    - Maintain the high quality of your espresso
    - Eliminate limescale residues in the group head
Blind filter for backflushing espresso coffee machine (58mm)
  • A blind filter is a must-have accessory to clean your espresso coffee machine by backflushing it. 58mm blind filter for pro or semi-pro machines.
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