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Puly CAFF Descaler for espresso machines x 10 sachets

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Brand :    Puly CAFF

This Puly Caff® descaler is the most used by coffee professionals. The Puly CAFF Descaler is made for espresso machines. 1 box of 10 sachets 

Cleaning should be done daily on a professional espresso machine:
Put 1/2 sachet of Puly CAFF in the blind filter (the filter without holes) and run the water as to prepare an espresso. Wait for 15 seconds, empty the filter and rinse several times.
Finally, to ensure it is safe, discard the first espresso you make. 
Periodic cleaning of the cups and the porta filter:
Prepare a solution of very hot water and a sachet of Puly CAFF per litre of water, immerse the parts in the solution for at least an hour (overnight if you can). Then rinse thoroughly.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep away from heat and humidity
Biodegradable: 90%
Contains 10 sachets of 20g
For use with professional espresso machines and other espresso machines such as: Oscar Nuova Simonelli, Silvia Rancilio, Lelit (except the PL 51), some La Pavoni (PCL) and more generally all machines that can be backflushed.
Puly Caff musn't be used on machines equipped with aluminium filter baskets and aluminum porta filters.
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h