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Pylano Duna Aluminium Moka Pot 6 cups + 250g ground coffee

Brand :    Pylano
  • Italian Moka Pot
  • 6 cups / 300ml capacity
  • All heat sources EXCEPT induction
  • +250g ground coffee for Moka Pots
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The Duna moka pot by Pylano will help you make great coffee the old-fashioned way! It is made of aluminium and can be used on all heat sources EXCEPT induction. 300ml/ 6 cups capacity.

Discover Les Petits Torréfacteurs's ground coffee for Moka pots. 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta for the perfect espresso. Ground coffee from Madagascar, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Colombia and Mexico. Artisanally roasted in France.


Main Caracteristics 

contenance  30 cl
Matiere  Aluminium
Marque  Pylano
Capacite  6 cups
Compatibilite  All heat sources (except induction)
Lavage  Hand-wash recommened


The Pylano Duna coffee maker is designed to offer you an Italian coffee in the best possible way. Its elegant aluminium body diffuses heat efficiently for controlled extraction. The tank has an overpressure valve for safe brewing.

The handle is made of ABS and is several centimetres away from the body of the coffee maker, so you won't have to worry about accidental burns.

Les Petits Torréfacteurs coffee is a special blend for Italian coffee makers. Composed of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta from Madagascar, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Colombia and Mexico, it will not leave you indifferent. French artisanal roasting. Special Italian coffee grind.


Ebook cafetière italienne

Free Italian coffee maker guide with your order

At Maxicoffee we know that the coffee maker is not everything. The most important thing is to make a good coffee. That's why Anthony, our Italian coffee maker expert, is here to guide you. 

He has written the Italian coffee maker guide for you. The right method, tips and tricks, how to choose your coffee according to your tastes, gourmet recipes... He has condensed his years of passion and experience into this regularly updated guide. Be proud of your coffee. (Sent in Ebook format by mail after your order).


How to use your Italian coffee maker?

Verser l'eau
Remplir l'entonnoir

1. Fill the tank with boiling water, which will prevent the coffee from burning during heating, without exceeding the level of the safety valve.

2. Fill the funnel with ground coffee, with a slightly coarser grind than for espresso, and tamp, then place it on top of the water tank.

3. Screw on the top part and heat on low heat with the lid open.

Café qui s'écoule

4. The water will boil, rise up through the funnel to extract the coffee, and flow into the upper part of the coffee maker. When the coffee starts to sputter, remove the coffee maker from the heating stand.

5. Close the lid, serve and enjoy.


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Pylano, specialist in kitchenware, proposes a range of trendy products to please coffee and tea lovers in search of conviviality. Pylano products are easy to use and their design will seduce many!

Pylano Duna Aluminium Moka Pot 6 cups + 250g ground coffee
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Jug material Stainless steel
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Dominant colour(s) Silver
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Capacity 6 cup(s)
A MaxiCoffee Product A MaxiCoffee Product
Price range Medium (35-80€) €
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Cleaning Dishwasher not recommended
EAN : 3700809378481
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