Enjoy your coffee wherever you like. The Pourigami dripper from MIIR fits in your bag, and even your back pocket! It consists of 3 stainless steel parts that fit together like an origami. Once placed on your cup, you can install your filter and start your brew. The dripper is sold in a bag for easy transport.


Dripper Pourigami™ - MIIR


Pourigami Miir

Enjoy Good Coffee Anywhere!

Discover the award winning MiiR Pourigami™ – the world’s smallest, most durable and portable travel coffee dripper.
When not in use, this dripper can easily fit in your back pocket thanks to its three stainless steel panels that orient and interlock for easy assembly, with machined grooves to ensure perfect placement for a secure pour over coffee. You can conveniently fit them in your back pocket. An accompanying case provides storage space and allows you to carry filters while on the go. Simply bring along an insulated bottle to carry hot water, and you're good to go.

MIIR's Commitments

Every MiiR product sold helps fund nonprofit organizations that work to empower communities, while investing in the health of our natural environments. They make quality products that are durable and easy to care for so that they are always a pleasure to use.

MiiR Pourigami™ Dripper
Type of coffee machine Conical dripper (V60 type)
Capacity 12.5cl/1 cup
Dominant colour(s) Black
Material Porcelain
Type of filter Non-standard/specific to brand
Dimensions (WxD) 125 x 85 mm
EAN : 811534026202