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Selection of Lavazza A Modo Mio Pods

Discover and enjoy a delicious and authentic Italian coffee with our wide range of Lavazza pods .
Created by Luigi Lavazza, Lavazza capsules are the representative of Italian espresso throughout the world. Today, Lavazza offers a wide range of products, starting by this Lavazza A Modo Mio pods only compatible with their coffee machine and crafted from their best Italian beans. Find all our coffee pods here .

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Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules

The different Lavazza pod coffee strengths

If you like mild and balanced coffees, there is a wide selection of coffees to choose from. There are several coffees to choose from: Arabica and Robusta blends, 100% Arabica coffees, decaf coffees, mild coffees with crema, Italian roasts...

For lovers of stronger, full-bodied coffees with a lingering taste, go for the intense and velvety espressos. The dek cremoso is one of Lavazza's signature coffees, characteristic of Brazilian beans and revealing balanced aromas. Arabica coffees, depending on their origin, have quite different notes: more fruity, woody or rich and sweet.

Each capsule contains up to 7.5 grams of ground coffee: the perfect dose to obtain a perfect result in a cup, according to the brand.

Lavazza pods value packs

Most of the Lavazza capsules in this range on our website are available in value packs. The advantages of buying in packs: peace of mind and a supply of your favourite coffees as well as special prices and discounts. The capsules are available in packs of 16 or 80.

Some Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules are compostable, a good ecological idea.

Lavazza a Modo Mio compatible capsules

The different brands of Lavazza a Modo Mio compatible capsules

Lavazza does not have exclusive rights to capsules that are compatible with its machines. In fact, other iconic Italian brands have created their own range. Caffè Vergnano, Caffè Bonini, Caffè Corsini and Gimoka have added their own to the mix.

They bring Italian know-how with different coffee intensities and roasts. From decaf to intense or creamy and velvety, there is something for every coffee lover.

Caffè Vergnano offers boxes of 16 compostable capsules, roasted in Italy. They are exceptional coffees with a unique taste and good for the environment. The coffees are also available in the form of discovery packs. 

They allow you to discover several different types of coffee and to vary the pleasures, in addition to saving money. The packs are also convenient for offering several options to your guests, depending on their tastes and the time of day.

Caffe Corsini and Caffe Bonini also use their traditional know-how to offer you coffees roasted in Italy. They are varied in terms of aromatic dominance, intensity and roast colour.

Lavazza a Modo Mio machines

Lavazza themselves make the machines compatible with these pods. They come in several models: Lavazza Jolie and Jolie Plus, and the Lavazza Idola. They have different designs and options, and are quiet and compact machines that fit perfectly into any interior.