Hario V60 white conical dripper VDC-01 for 2 cups

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Brand :    Hario
  • Conical dripper with spiral grooves
  • For 25cl/2 cups
  • In ceramic from Japan
  • Use conical paper filters

With the V60 dripper by HARIO, you can rediscover the wonderful art of manual brewing. Made in Japan. For 2 cups (25cl).

The classic dripper brewing method fell out of fashion with the appearance of electric filter coffee makers but the Japanese firm HARIO has finally restored its nobility back, to our greatest delight! 
The HARIO filtration system has revolutionised the manual pouring method that has been around for about 100 years.
With its spiral-shaped internal stripes and its large single hole at the bottom of the cone, coffee can develop homogeneously and offer a dense, rich extraction.
The wide diameter of the hole at the bottom of the dripper makes it possible to exploit the wonderful HARIO VCF conical filters.
Very resistant, the V60 Dripper will allow you to brew 25cl of coffee.
This manual, more classical brewing method gives you much more control over temperature and flow than electric coffee makers.


Hario (meaning "King of Glass") is a Japanese company that has been specialising in tableware since 1921. Hario rapidly gained notoriety thanks to its range of teapots and famous vacuum coffee makers, also known as a "Syphon coffee makers".
Hario® is recognized by the greatest baristas as the best coffee 'filtering process' for taste: the company has made its mark as providing THE highest quality standards.

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Hario V60 white conical dripper VDC-01 for 2 cups
Type of coffee machine Conical dripper (V60 type)
Capacity 25cl/2 cups
Dominant colour(s) White
Material Ceramic
Filter used Non-standard/specific to brand
Dimensions (WxDxH) 95 x 95 x 85 mm
EAN : 4977642723115
Hario Buono v60 pour over kettle -  1.2L
  • Capacity: 1.2L
  • All heat sources including induction
  • Goose neck spout
  • Stainless steel kettle
  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
Filter paper cone for Hario v60 VDC-01 dripper x100
  • Packet of 100 VCF-01 paper cone filters for the V60 dripper VDC-01 by Hario.
  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
  • In stock, dispatched within 48h