Hario V60 Pour Over Pack for 1-4 cups

  • Hario V60 Conical dripper
  • With 40 paper filters
  • Borosolicate glass carafe (600ml)
  • Coffee dosing spoon
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This V60 kit by HARIO gives you all the tools for Slow Coffee! A transparent polypropylene V60 dripper, a borosolicate glass carafe (600ml capacity), a pack of 40 conical paper filters and a coffee dosing spoon.

Kit V60 Hario - 1/4 tasses

Type :   Cone Dripper
Capacity :   50cl / 4 cups
Material:   Plastic
Strength :  

This V60 Hario kit allows you to make an extraction to your liking, bringing out all the aromas of the coffee! Lovers of gentle extraction will be delighted! 





expert slow coffee
Expert Opinion

"The V60's conical shape, filter shape and spiral grooves give it a strong, aromatic coffee with a pronounced body. It is less of a "brew" than a Chemex. This kit is ideal for testing the V60". 

To get the most out of your dripper, don't forget:

The HARIO Filtration System

The Japanese company HARIO has finally restored the coffee maker to its former glory. For our greatest pleasure.

HARIO's filter system has revolutionised the manual pouring method that has existed for about 100 years.

Thanks to the spiral-shaped internal grooves and the unique large hole at the bottom of the cone, the coffee can develop evenly with a dense and rich extraction.

The large diameter perforated bottom allows the use of the wonderful HARIO conical filters.


Brewing Tips

  • Rinse your filter paper with hot water to avoid altering the taste of your coffee and to preheat your coffee maker.
  • Use 10 to 12g of coffee with a medium or coarse grind, depending on the filter used.
  • Bring the correct amount of water to a temperature of 90-95°C, just before boiling.
  • The pouring is done in several steps. First of all, for the pre-infusion, pour so that the ground coffee is saturated with water.
  • Wait about 30 seconds, then pour the water in a circular pattern (to facilitate swirling and improve the quality of extraction) and evenly over the entire grind without touching the edges and starting from the centre.
  • When the level has dropped, gently pour the remaining water into the centre.
  • As soon as the filtration is complete, remove the filter.
  • Pour and enjoy :)

This 'classic' manual brewing method gives you much more control over temperature and flow than electric coffee makers.




Hario (meaning "King of Glass") is a Japanese company that has been specialising in tableware since 1921. Hario rapidly gained notoriety thanks to its range of teapots and famous vacuum coffee makers, also known as a "Syphon coffee makers".
Hario® is recognized by the greatest baristas as the best coffee 'filtering process' for taste: the company has made its mark as providing THE highest quality standards.

Hario V60 Pour Over Pack for 1-4 cups
Type of coffee machine Conical dripper (V60 type), Coffee maker kit
Capacity 50cl/4 cups
Dominant colour(s) Black, Transparent
Material Plastic
Type of filter Non-standard/specific to brand
EAN : 4977642728981
Hario NXA-5 vacuum coffee maker - 5 cups
  • Capacity : 60cl / 5 cups
  • Materials : strong glass and stainless steel
  • Measuring spoon included
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Hario V60 4-cup Coffee Dripper VDC-02 in Red
  • Conical dripper with spiral grooves
  • For 50cl/4 cups
  • Porcelain
  • Use cone paper filters
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Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers - Size 03 (pack of 40)
  • For Hario V60 Dripper
  • Size 03
  • Pack of 40
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Hario V60 dripper in turquoise ceramic for 1-4 cups
  • Conical dripper with spiral grooves
  • For up to 50cl/4 cups
  • Turquoise Ceramic
  • To be used with conical paper filters
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