The Handpresso Auto travel coffee maker uses Nespresso® or Nespresso® compatible capsules. It connects to a 12 or 24 volt cigarette lighter socket and will sit perfectly in your car cup holder! This offer includes 3 packs of Cafés Lugat Nespresso® compatible capsules (30 in total).

Make coffee easily, wherever you go ! 

Thanks to its digital display, making coffee is easy! The Handpresso will guide you through each step. 
- Fill with cold water until the "OK"
- The machine will ask you to insert the capsule
-  Push the button to activate the heating process. The percentage of the progress is then displayed
- Once the water is hot enough, the machine will make a sound.
-  Close the lid and align the white markers
-  Flip your Handpresso Auto coffee maker and release the pressure by pressing on the button
- Enjoy your espresso ! 
The nozzle is designed to avoid splashing.
19 bar pressure for a 50ml drink at a perfect temperature in just 2 minutes 30 minutes ! 
You can also schedule a 5 minutes delay, perfect to anticipate your break and have a hot coffee ready when you are ! 


Handpresso, a whole new world! Handpresso has combined coffee quality and mobilityHandpresso has launched a range of portable machines, meaning you can now enjoy premium-quality coffee wherever you are.  

The Handpresso concept has five key features: Innovation, Simplicity, Quality, Mobilityand Usability

Handpresso Auto Travel coffee maker for Nespresso® compatible capsules + Free capsules!
Supply type Manual functioning
Compatible with Capsules
Dimensions (WxDxH) 75 x 75 x 240 mm
Weight 0.88 Kg
EAN : 3760312210203